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We occasionally have no vacancies here at Brookhollow and The Cedars, or you may be looking for an apartment in a different location. If so, don't worry! We have other great options for you:

Check out our other sister property here in Norman at 1911 Twisted Oak Drive: Turnberry Apartments.
Phone (405) 364-4511 or email TurnberryApts19@yahoo.com.

In Oklahoma City, we have several excellent apartment communities to choose from:

Park Manor Apartments at 2710 NW 63rd Street. Phone (405) 842-1766 or email ParkManorApts@att.net.

Fairway Park Apartments at 2600 NW 63rd Street. Phone (405) 842-6826 or email FairwayParkApts@yahoo.com.

Willow Walk Apartments at 3808 North Ann Arbor. Phone (405) 789-2692 or email WillowWalk@coxinet.net.

Walker's Statio Apartments at 2600 Tealwood Drive. Phone (405) 752-1401 or email WalkersStationApts@coxinet.net.

Also please feel free to check out our other excellent properties near Tinker Air Force Base:
Rolling Oaks Apartments or Casa Rene Apartments.

Looking for a great apartment in Enid, Oklahoma ? Check out Indian Oaks, Edgewood Arms, or Winchester West.

And in Bryan, Texas, Brookside.

Moving to Norman? Click here for more information.